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Level 2 ASP Electrician

Level 2 ASP Electrician

What is a Level 2 ASP electrician?

There are different levels of electricians, and a Level 2 electrician is a professional who is trained and certified to deliver a high level of service to customers in both a residential and business capacity. They are able to do many more things than a Level 1 electrician who is restricted to basic works only. 


What can a Level 2 ASP electrician do?

This qualified individual is able to connect homes and commercial properties to the electric grid, and also provide a safe disconnection service too. This type of work comes with extra risk due to the nature of the work, and these electricians are usually hired when buildings are undergoing renovations or they can create temporary power outlets for those working on constructing new buildings in places where power is not usually available. 

When an electrician has an ASP qualification, they are additionally able to install and repair overhead power cables as well as cables which run under the ground between your property and the main electric grid. They’ll also be able to install meters from a range of manufacturers so you can keep an eye on your usage. 

Level 2 electrician benefits

When you choose a Level 2 electrician service for your requirements, you are automatically going to be benefiting from years more experience than a standard electrician. Not only will they have the knowledge to tackle just about anything you ask them to do, but you’ll also receive invaluable advice on the best plan of action. 

Level 2 electricians think in advance and foresee problems before they arise, offering the best solutions to your electrical issues. If your electrician is qualified at this level, then they can provide additional services such as emergency electrical problems which are needed should there be faulty wiring or electrical defects in your home or business potentially causing a hazard. 

We offer expert Level 2 electrician services

We are proud to offer electrical services for a wide range of issues ranging from the connection of appliances to exhaust fan installations, as well as tackling more difficult jobs such as connecting or disconnecting a home or business premises to the grid. Many Sydney electrical companies are only able to offer a small choice of electricians, many of whom aren’t fully qualified to the Level 2 standard that we are able to supply. We know that when it comes to electrical services only the best will do, so when you choose us you know you’re getting the best person for the job with years of experience under their belt. 

We’re the perfect choice if you need an emergency Level 2 electrician in Sydney – we are available around the clock and can be at your premises as quickly as possible to fix the fault and put you at ease. It may be that your home’s electricity supply keeps tripping and you don’t know why, or you may even have a water leak that is close to electrical appliances – but don’t worry, we know exactly how to handle the situation safely and calmly. 
If you need a Level 2 electrician today, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re happy to provide our quotations over the phone or we can attend your premises quickly in an emergency situation at any

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