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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

In hot countries where temperatures regularly climb into the 30s during summer months, maintaining a cool space within your home is essential. Opening the windows is one solution to let some breeze in, or you can opt for an air conditioning unit which is expensive to run, however one of the best options is a simple ceiling fan installation. Cost-effective and easy to operate, millions of homes in Australia benefit from a fan in their main living spaces and bedrooms too. 


The gentle movement of air that it creates in your home helps to circulate cooler air and provide an effective solution to cooling your home down in those hotter months. 

Top benefits when it comes to ceiling fan installation

To keep cool – the main reason for fans is to provide an effective temperature in a certain room compared to the ambient temperature. The air is pushed around creating a cooling effect in the room as a whole. 

To reduce energy bills – AC usage is reduced in ceiling fans and homeowners save large amounts on their energy bills thanks to the fact modern designs of ceiling fans, consuming only around 20-30 watts of energy on average – less than ten cents an hour. 

A choice of  fans for your room size – a small room under 75sq. ft will only need a 35’’ fan to maintain a low temperature whereas larger rooms of 400sq. ft or greater will accommodate a single or multiple 70’’ fans. 

An attractive alternative – add a touch of design to your home with the wide range of ceiling fans in Melbourne on offer. There’s no need for an ugly AC box on the side of your home or inside your living space. Choose a variety of colours and styles that suit your home. 

They work all year long – not just to keep you cool in summer, fans can also work in the opposite direction to reverse the flow of air. Hot air always rises, so when set in this mode you can make sure that any warm air is directed back down towards the living space. 

Do you need an electrician to replace a ceiling fan?

With many years in the electrical business, we are a trusted name when you’re looking for an electrician to install ceiling fans in Melbourne hassle-free. Our dedicated team of electricians are fully qualified and have extensive experience in every aspect of home cooling solutions, from replacing a ceiling fan that is no longer functioning to maximum efficiency to putting in a ceiling fan with a safe installation. 

We’re available to carry out the ceiling fan installation near you wherever you live in the Melbourne area any day of the week, so we can arrive at a time convenient for you. 

If you need a high-quality ceiling fan installation service to allow your home to give you the level of comfort you need in both summer and winter, then give us a call today. We’re happy to answer any questions you thanks to our knowledge in this area, and our rates are always competitive. 


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