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Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Installations and Upgrades

When it comes to switchboard installations and upgrades, we and our certified and skilled Melbourne electricians are here to help. We as an electrical company have more than ten’s years worth of experience in the field and have a team of fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable Melbourne electricians.

We have vast experience when it comes to switchboards and are on hand any hour, any day to come to your assistance and fix your Melbourne electrical issues.

Many older properties will still have old wiring and switchboards that have become obsolete and are not able to cope with the demands of modern electrical needs. These switchboards will also not have the sort of safety switches that their modern counterparts come equipped with as standard. This means that these switchboards are a potential risk to your property and anyone living within it.

We have the Melbourne electricians that have the experience and skills required to swap out the ancient wiring and switchboard in your property for a safer, more efficient and modern switchboard that meets current regulations.

Why is it necessary to upgrade your switchboard?

  • Older switchboards are extremely prone to suffering short circuits which could eventually lead to a fire starting. These fires will usually be started by the old type of fuses on the switchboards that have a tendency to catch and spread fire rapidly. On top of that safety concern is the fact that electrocution is also more likely with older switchboards.


This is why newer switchboards with their safety switches are highly advised for properties that still use older electrical architecture. These can help prevent fire and electrocution as they will automatically shut off the power if it recognizes unusual power leakages.


  • When your property was originally built, it would have been back in the time when there were not the large amount of appliances and devices that we have today. Many people would have owned a fridge, television, heater and perhaps a washing machine, not the computers, air conditioning units, microwaves, music systems, games consoles and everything else that we regularly use today.


Because electrical consumption was lower back then, homes were built with electrical systems to cope with that low demand, yet they are now under immense stress with modern demands really putting pressure on your Melbourne electrical systems.


  • If your home regularly suffers with the power tripping out, it is a sure sign that your home is crying out for a switchboard upgrade. It is clear that the amount of electricity you are using is causing your systems to struggle, so you should be looking to get a switchboard upgrade as soon as possible.


  • Flicking lights are also a clear sign that the amount of electricity you are consuming is too much for what your switchboard can handle. Whilst this can be seen as just an annoyance, there are deeper problems beneath that are potentially dangerous.


  • The final reason is down to safety, as you will be able to cut off the electricity in your home with the safety switch that can be found in modern switchboards.

We are pretty sure that you would agree that life is more important than anything else, which is why you should not be risking it with older switchboards. We are here to help you make your home and its Melbourne electrics far safer for you and anyone else that lives in it. We can supply you with switchboard installations and upgrades through our dedicated team of Melbourne electricians.

Older homes will have the old style ceramic type fuse boxes which are now considered an electrical hazard. These fuses are the re-wireable type that many of you will remember.

Modern switchboards come equipped with safety switches and circuit breakers that can recognize whenever there are electrical faults and shut down the power. This can prevent your cables catching fire and causing damage and harm.

NOTE: Take the time out to check the type of switchboard you have and whether it is the older style that should be upgraded.

  • Ceramic fuses no longer comply with current standards and are seen as extremely hazardous. The reasons why they do not comply are because:
  • If these ceramic fuses have been wired with a larger density wire than what your electrical cables can handle, there is a very strong possibility that your wiring can catch fire.
  • Ceramic fuses that can be rewired always have the possibility of loose wires hanging out, which can be lead to unexpected electrocution.
  • Ceramic fuses can actually melt due to the increase in electricity going through them. This melting is also a hazard as it can lead to fires breaking out.

All switchboards should be regularly maintained and serviced, as you could not only find yourself in the dark but also at risk of fire. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide those services and advise you on the appropriate solutions for your switchboard.

The majority of switchboard related emergencies that we are called out to are either because of older switchboards or because of poorly installed electrical systems by other Melbourne electricians, so save yourself the hassle and get us in the first time round.

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