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Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring

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Whether you need a full rewiring of your home or you’re just looking for a small repair, Neighbourhood electricians have the professionals you need to get the job done. 

Servicing Sydney and the surrounding communities, we’ve been the trustworthy local electrician for many years. If you’re rewiring a house, we can help with our speedy and cost-effective service – just give us a call today to find out more. 


Damaged Wires and More – What Happens to Wires Over Time

When you’re using your appliances and switching the lights in your home on and off, you probably don’t give much thought to what goes on out of sight. You should be able to trust that the wires will carry on working safely, but as they get older they can start to degrade. 

It’s not the copper wiring itself which usually causes the problem, it’s the casing. This protective sheath will deteriorate much more quickly and can be broken down by environmental conditions, poor installation or remodelling. 

When this outer casing begins to break down and the wires inside are exposed, it can create a dangerous safety issue which shouldn’t be ignored. 

If the wiring in your home is old, you should consider a wiring upgrade. 

The Problems with Bad Wiring

Damaged wiring can be a very big problem but unless it’s exposed to very harsh environmental conditions, it should take some time before it begins to degrade. u 

However, bad wiring can cause issues right from the start – and this could mean your home is hazardous. 

If the work isn’t done by a qualified electrical wiring contractor, it may not meet the necessary safety standards. This could put you at risk when you use your electrical appliances. It may give you an electrical shock or it may cause a fire.

Bad wiring is something to take seriously and should never be overlooked – or you could end up regretting it. 

Our Wiring Services

Whether you have old wires that need a wiring upgrade, or you want a complete rewiring of your home, our qualified electricians can help. 

Here at Neighbourhood electricians we offer a comprehensive range of fully insured electrical services. This includes:

  • General electrical and wiring services
  • Rewiring a house
  • Upgrading fuses
  • Wiring upgrades
  • Wiring repairs
  • Wiring solutions for extensions and new builds

With many years of experience providing expert electrical services to Sydney and the surrounding area, we can provide advice and help with any electrical issue. 

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